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A Selection of Bands and Orchestras I've Played with

Although it seems to be a long time ago now I still remember the time I spent with „Jugendgruppe des Akkordeon Spielring Lyss”. Director Ruedi Krebs introduced me into the world of music, gigs and competitions.

My first experience as a drummer in a band was with „Jugendmusik Lyss”. Some of the former members have become good friends of mine.

„Musikgesellschaft Lyss” is a traditional harmony music. For over three years this group got the focus of my musical and social activities. Besides making music, we organized stands where a lot of Zwickel Beer - our preferred beer - was sold and we gave life again to an old tradition called „Tannefuehr”. In the good old times, big trees were carried through the village and sold to the highest bidder. I was even elected for president of a committee and member of board there.

In spring 1997, some friends and I founded the Big Band „The Plenty Vacuum”. As we got older and spread out everywhere in Switzerland, we still found time to play together and do some gigs. Once a year we spend a weekend together to study new pieces.

During my high school years I was member of the „Chor des deutschen Gymnasiums Biel”, directed by the two legends Fredy Schild and Philippe Krüttli. We sung mostly sacred works from Bach, Charpentier and Vivaldi. The camps for one week in spring will never go out of my mind. So much fun!

For two years, I was member of the „Jugendblasorchester VBJ”. The International Music Festival in Zurich was an absolute highlight - we could hardly believe we were as good as we ranked! There is a homepage where Jugendblasorchester VBJ can be found.

There isn't more fun than making music in a traditional Hungarian costume as we do with „Puszta Company”. Lead by Madeleine Niggli, up to ten musicians plus two dancers enjoy to play for you.

„Candle Light Orchestra”, nomen est omen. If you enjoy classical Viennese music, Candle Light Orchestra caters for a wide range of music and dance performances of your choice, including banquets, dinner dances and balls. It's satisfying to see all those lucky people dancing to our music into the wee hours of the morning.